Jefferson Kids Club during PTA Meetings!

Jefferson Kids Club meets in the Library during each month’s PTA meeting. Led by Jefferson students, JKC helps PTA support our school!

JKC Mission: To provide the students with a student-led action club that empowers them to help the PTA make change in our school.

JKC Vision: Students working with the PTA as a support, providing the PTA Board with suggestions and ideas, volunteering for activities and projects, and showing gratitude to our benefactors for their donations to our school.

The idea of Jefferson Kids Club was created by a student wanting to  enhance and extend the work of our PTA. Meetings are supervised and held in the Library during each month’s PTA meeting, which is generally the second Monday of the month at 6:00pm. Officers are elected and goals for the club are defined.

JKC activities include:

  • Creating fun thank-you notes for donated items and services
  • Providing feedback on events sponsored by the PTA
  • Assisting with planning of PTA events
  • Volunteering to help at PTA events such as Book Fairs

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend every Jefferson Kids Club meeting!

Questions or ideas for Jefferson Kids club may be sent to Sharon West, PTA president at




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