Jefferson PTA is able to help our school because of all of you who volunteer in so many ways!

Volunteering can be as big or small as you need. Opportunities exist to help lead committees for special events or to simply trim school items in the evening in your pajamas!

More information is available on the following volunteer form, which we’ve setup on Google Forms.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of all of the volunteer opportunities for the school year and what those opportunities look like.

GROUNDS BEAUTIFICATION: Taking care of our great outdoors. Help plant flowers, trim overgrowth and improve the aesthetics of our school’s outdoor areas.

JAMBOREE: The Jamboree is our fall festival that if filled with family fun. Volunteers are needed to assist with check in, selling soda and water, clean up and miscellaneous duties. This is a SHORT TERM commitment, as the Jamboree will be held September 22nd.

BASKET AUCTION: In conjunction with the Jamboree, we will be holding a basket auction. This auction is comprised of donations from local businesses, families and staff. Help is needed securing donations, including calling on local businesses for donations. Help is also needed to organize the donations, place them in an appealing fashion in baskets, and documenting the baskets. Again, a SHORT TERM commitment.

PICTURES FOR THE YEARBOOK: Attending Jefferson school and/or PTA sponsored events to take photos for our yearbook. High quality photos appreciated.

BOX TOPS: There are 2 annual BOX TOP campaigns. We need volunteers to trim box tops, check for expired box tops, and glue box tops to sheets provided. CAN BE COMPLETED AT HOME IN YOUR PAJAMAS!!!!

TEACHER APPRECIATION: This activity is an ongoing activity throughout the year. We prepare meals for the teachers each night of conferences, 4 nights per year. We host cookie/treat plates for the holidays and a chocolate affair in February. We also have a week of culinary appreciation in May. Food is not the only thing this committee needs! This committee also needs small thank you gifts, creative cards, lounge decor and genuine creativeness. By signing up, you are agreeing to make at least one batch of “baked it yourself” cookies. That is the minimum effort required. Maximum effort? Who knows?????

ARTSONIA: Take pictures of art projects made by our students. Upload those pictures into the Artsonia website. Send one letter home before the holidays offering information about the Artsonia website and products available.

TALENT SHOW: Volunteers are needed the night of dress rehearsal and the night of the show to escort our performers from their spot in the audience to the backstage area. We would also like a few volunteers to sit with the performing students in the audience to ensure they are being respectful to other employees.

FAMILY 5K: This event is NEW. We will want as many volunteers as we can get. We aren’t sure what volunteers will be assigned with yet, as our chairpersons have not had a chance to meet. For sure, we will need some “behind the scenes” people to make posters and write memos/emails. We will also need volunteers for the day of to pass out water, t-shirts, complete registration and keep everything running smoothly.

FIELD DAY: In May, Mr. Card will need help setting up field day. This includes setting up the games and assisting with clean up. The PTA will also be selling water, shirts and school supplies.

5TH GRADE RECOGNITION/ACTIVITIES: The fifth graders at Jefferson have monthly activities and a recognition celebration in May. This committee needs creative parents willing to show the 5th graders how much Jefferson will miss them by helping plan and facilitate activities and the recognition celebration.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Help get the word out about the school supply packs that the PTA sells. Help gather orders, sort packs and distribute. (Late spring into next summer)

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: From time to time, we may be given a special project. This could include helping students, teachers or administrative staff with small projects. If you’re brave enough, sign up for this one!!


Ready to help? Sign up for a volunteer role on Google Forms.

Volunteer Opportunities